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Only the Hayes: Troublemaker (Physical CD)

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CD Jewel Case.jpg

Only the Hayes: Troublemaker (Physical CD)


This is the physical CD. It is 35 minutes of audio drama.

This product is currently on back order, and will be delivered by December 1, 2019

A Christian, action-filled, impactful, western audio drama that will leave you with a good life lesson. From a distance, the Hayes family seem to have it all together. Henry Hayes, a wealthy farmer and his wife, Martha have three grown boys and a good name in the small town of Burnt Wood. Unfortunately, a closer look at the family unveils a different story. Henry, a stubborn father, wants his sons to divide his land and keep the tradition of farming in the family. Except the boys want nothing to do with farming. To top it all off, one of his sons is the town criminal. A crime is in the works that could put him in jail—or worse. He must learn to take his burdens to the cross before it's too late!

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Brooke Connor is a 17-year-old Christian homeschooler. She enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, writing, and driving her Mustang. At 16 she was introduced to the world of Audio Dramas through Pat Roy, creator of Jonathan Park Audio Adventures, who offered a class on how to make audio dramas at the Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center in Vancouver, WA. Brooke, excited about the idea of writing for an audience, wrote, directed, and produced her first Audio Drama titled, “Only The Hayes: The Troublemaker."

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