Creation Quest

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. - Psalm 19:1

Creation Quest is a creation-based,  new organization dedicated to getting young people excited about  the scientific evidence that is in harmony with God's Word!

Pat Roy, the founder, worked for the Institute for Creation Research for over 12 years. In that time, 
he and  his team have taken some of the most complex scientific proofs to research.

Pat and his wife, Sandy,  created, wrote, and produced the Jonathan Park audio adventures reaching an audience of millions.

While working for the Institute for Creation Research, Pat saw the devastating effects of an evolutionary world
view on the families of our society.  His passion is to use his knowledge of
creation and heart for Christians to reach them with the message that we are
indeed fearfully and wonderfully made.

"Pat was an awesome addition to our Kids Creation Camp!  His knowledge of the subject is great, his sense of humor contagious, and his presentation excellent.  More than that, he related well to the kids and adults involved throughout the camp.  His enthusiasm for the Lord is obvious, and he effectively models a Christ-like attitude.  I will look forward to working with Pat again!”

Rev. Brian Bopp
Children's Pastor
Des Moines First Assembly of God
Des Moines, IA





Pat Roy

Co-Creator, Jonathan Park Audio

Radio Producer/Speaker, 
Institute for Creation Research

Director/Speaker, Creation Quest







"I just have to share this story with you!  My 3 boys took your class In Defense of Creation last summer and loved it!  We now are the proud owners of most of the Jonathan Park CDs which are played often in our house.  Anyway, my middle son, Levi (he's the blond boy who would come tell you about Star Wars, airplanes and space ships with his little stutter after class) has just soaked all of this information up.  

Well, the other day we were on a field trip to The Worm Farm in Durham and the gentleman was telling us all about worms eating any material that is rotting.  Levi raised his hand and told the man, "that reminds me of the second law of thermodynamics when everything is breaking down and getting worse, but it can be temporarily reversed."  The looks on the other mom's faces was priceless!  Their eyes were huge and their jaws about hit the floor!  I was just smiling and laughing!  The man had to ask him to repeat what he had said.  His response the after hearing it again was, "OK."  But Levi wasn't done!  A few minutes later he asked the gentleman, "How long have worms been around?"  

Of course he got the usual response of "millions of years."  Levi came back with "(insert buzzer sound here), Nope.  The Earth is only 6000 years old."  The man took it very well and told him, "Worms have been around since the Earth was created."I was so proud of Levi for his boldness.  My entire family has gained so much from your work and we greatly appreciate it. Hopefully this story put a smile on your face like it did to me.”

Cari Tarter
Homeschool Mother
Chico, CA


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